Jackie’s Masterclasses

In the Freedom Creator Masterclass, you will walk away with the following:  

1. Clear Vision of the Freedom life you desire.  

2. Tools to rewrite the story that is holding you back from having your Freedom life.  

3. Confidence to take inspired action NOW towards your Freedom Life.  


There will be laughs  

There will be tears  

There will be homework  

There will be celebrations  

There will be change  

And you must have FUN!!!

Do you sometimes feel like you have lost that fearless badass inside of you?

Hesitating on making the decision in fear of the outcome?

Worried about what people will think because you are different than the rest?

Overthinking things, frozen and not taking action like you used to?

Remember that 20-something who didn’t know too much about the world. . .

The one who didn’t doubt her decisions and just went for it!

The one who made sure she was the priority because she didn’t know any different!

The one who felt powerful and scared at the same time and knew it would all work out!

It’s time to Awaken her again because she is in there dying to come out and play!!

It’s time to Empower her to confidently decide that she gets to live the life she desires!!

It’s time to unapologetically OWN YOU and all your God-given power and do your magic in the world!

It’s time to Awaken, Empower, and OWN You so that you can create and live the freedom life you truly desire and deserve!

Come join me in my Awaken, Empower, and Own YOU Masterclass Replay!