I connected with Jackie several months ago and we instantly clicked. I knew almost immediately that her coaching style and approach were just what I needed to help me through the rut I was stuck in (both personal and professional).

My time with Jackie was intentional and our sessions included action steps and the follow up I needed to stay accountable. Talking through my “aha” moments and reflecting on what worked/didn’t were also important steps in my journey!

After six months of coaching, my mission and vision for both my personal and professional life could not be clearer. I feel equipped to continue achieving my goals and have Jackie to thank.

I’m blessed our paths crossed and count Coach Jackie as a dear friend and a strong woman who is amazing at lifting others up and helping them find their “why”.

Traci Cosío

I am ready to make some big moves! I worked with Jackie a few months ago and she really empowered me in the short time we spent working together. Any ideas I had at that time were just that, ideas, not goals. Now my ideas have not only turned into goals but actions. I will be starting my classes to be a hypnosis therapist this month. Taking my first steps into entrepreneurship. It’s scary but I’m so excited and can’t help but thank you Jackie for that extra little kick I needed to fully trust myself. Keep changing the world woman!!!!!!

Baylee Lyn

I chose Jackie because of her energy and I liked the way she coached. I wanted to learn from her in my journey as a coach. It didn’t take long for me to know she had ‘special skills.’ Her intuition, her spot-on questions, and gentle challenges come from someone with much more insight and abilities than a coach. She is a mentor who leads you on a personal journey and that is a superpower. Many are coaches. They teach us. Few are mentors. They lead us. Lead on Jackie!

Karen Vaile

Jackie, I want to thank you for your guidance in coaching me through the technology challenges I have had. I highly recommend Ms Cote for her vision and her assistance through my challenges. Great JOB Jackie, 5-stars, my friend.

Gwendolyn GholsonDriver

This may seem like small potatoes to you but in our initial conversation, Jackie did such a good job connecting with me, I instantly felt comfortable! She helped me set a goal that I have continued to accomplish during the work week and it not only has affected my life positively, but my 2 daughters as well! I can’t say enough great things about the value you will get with Jackie Cote!

Beth Alessi Fraser

Wow, such an amazing woman, Coach Jackie. The first time I met her I knew she was someone that I wanted in my life as a true friend. In a very short period of time Jackie helped me work thru some situations that I’ve dealt with a good part of my life. I’ve left every conversation we’ve had with a smile on my face. Jackie has a genuine interest in helping others, she has a huge heart and loves bringing out the best in those she meets. Need a Coach? Look no further, you’ve found the best!!!

Debbie Smith

I’ve known Jackie for years and let me just tell you that women is amazing! Jackie has helped me so much over the years by showing me how customer service is so important in running a business.

Also Jackie has taught me that I always need to be positive through the tough times. And most importantly Jackie has shown me to believe in myself and to never give up on my dreams!

So if you’re wanting a coach that is such a positive uplifting person that will be real with you then Jackie is the perfect fit for you!

Amber Jenkins

Jackie and I met about 16 years ago when we both worked for Starbucks, she was the store manager, and I was sent from another store to help staff a newer store. Working with Jackie was amazing because she was as much a mentor as she was a manager, and she has coached me through much in life, helping me to feel empowered and confident in my abilities, and helping me grow into a great business woman and leader. So thankful to have Coach Jackie in my life!

Tia Tremblay Garriss

Jackie is simply amazing! She really makes you realize your potential and what is holding you back. Extremely interactive and caring. You want to know your real path?? Her Course is a must. You owe it to yourself. You will not be disappointed!

Lisa Grasty Brubeck

I’m working with Jackie right now and she is helping me make my life into the best life it can be. She pushes me to reach my goals which is what I need! I’d 100% recommend Coach Jackie!

Chandler Clark

If you look up magic in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure there is a picture of Jackie!

We’ve worked together for two years and the personal and professional growth I’ve achieved has been something I’ve always dreamed of. Don’t get me wrong – you have to put in the work, but she helps you. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

Molly Blomquist

I recently took her group session. I admit I had no idea what to expect since I had never done a coaching session. I have to say it was a great experience and you learn things that you will continue after the session is over. Like with anything, you get out what you put into it. She gets you thinking and learning to rewire some thought processes that are holding you back. If you are open minded and willing to listen and participate, you will get so much out of it. I’m glad I did. And you will be too!!

Jane Ramey

Jackie has been great on this journey! She has helped me with mindful eating habits that I have helped integrate into my family’s mealtimes, setting and achieving personal goals as small as getting up 30 minutes earlier to eat breakfast, packing my lunch 3-4 times a week, all the way to workout routines! Jackie even is helping me achieve a bucket list item by running a 5k with me! Jackie is there to support you in whatever way you need! One thing I loved was encouragement text message! They always seemed to come at the perfect time! I have learned in this short time some of the root causes on why I have gotten to this point in my life and now how to love where I am and who I am! If you need someone in your corner to help get better overall healthy mindset Jackie is your girl!

Desirae Dodd

Are you feeling stuck or facing a season of change? You need Coach Jackie!

I’ve been working with Jackie for almost 8 months and I can’t believe the amount of personal and professional growth I’ve uncovered. It’s so hard to take the time to work on ourselves, work through our fears, and spend time on our vision and dreams. Her approach is kind and compassionate, giving you action steps that will help you on your journey. She holds you accountable and consistent. I can’t say enough good things about Jackie, and I continue to use her as I tackle more personal goals that I’ve set out to accomplish.

Ginny Koontz DeLauder

Jackie is great! She always connects with you in a way that you feel supported and understood. I’m sure that she will be amazing at helping you find your way to the real you. I know I’ve made a lot of progress with myself since I’ve started meeting with her every week. I am more confident and compassionate towards myself which helps me to not fall as hard and to pick myself back up faster and more easily. Thank you, Jackie, you’re awesome!

Delphine Paquin

Jackie is truly a gift: a wonderful blessing in the form of a person. When we had a coaching session together, she took me on a transformational journey to the core of what is holding me back and I couldn’t be more grateful. I feel I’ve had a breakthrough in my life and business! Highly recommended! 

Charity Nicole

OMG! Jackie is amazing! From the moment we met I could tell we would become great friends. She helped me so much with figuring out the direction of my biz- I was stuck & getting discouraged but after a session with her I ended up changing up some of my services and it’s made a HUGE difference!

If you need help getting your biz or life on track, she’s your girl!!!

Andrea Marie Dotterer

I have known Jackie for about 7 years now. the way we met should have told me this was her path to go down! I was new to the gym and I walk into a crowded class and the only person who helped me was her! She stayed by side for the whole class and here we are 7 years later! She is always that positive voice in your ear and will ALWAYS turn a negative to a positive. If you are that person who needs that someone to talk to, work through things, feeling bad about yourself and need that extra push to know your self-worth than Coach Jackie is who you need!!

Lori D'onofrio

3 years ago I hit a very very very tough patch in life and in finances to say the least. Without details let’s just say that my struggle to obtain what I felt was both life and financial success dropped out of sight… so I thought. After 1.5 years, well… I reached out to Jackie. Since then I found myself again; I discovered I had not lost all that I thought financially; I learned to change negatives into either positives or hey it’s just a temporary detour to navigate; the actual joy that comes from navigating that detour and then reflecting on where I started it; that there is never just one solution to gain the next step with finances; that money will always come and go regardless; and that fear of spending combined with fear of failing combined with fear of time all just equals wasted fear and life. I am not where I dreamed but that is just a When not an If. Everyone moves at different paces and with different thoughts… Jackie helped me as did a few other elements in my world I salvaged and my Jersey upbringing in my soul and not too long ago I actually realized…I have already come a long successful way and I am here for when the next opportunity towards my When arrives. Credit score up, less stress, lots of enjoyment spending, a house over my head, and a renewed confidence to not fear fear. You are not lost, just not found. Fear is meant to motivate not extinguish. 

She has helped me start reclaiming my life and my health. My Marathon Medal is actually part hers when one thinks about it.

Mike Melletz

Signing on with Jackie was a huge financial leap, and yes, I had to rob Peter and Paul a couple times to pay her, but every moment was worth triple my investment!

When I started with Jackie, I knew what victim mode was, but I didn’t recognize that I was living in it. Getting out of victim mode was always a conscious effort, until Jackie called me out on it a couple times. Then, like magic, one day it shifted and I was no longer naturally inclined to drop into victim mode! And that shifted EVERYTHING, but especially my relationships within my home. For years, my struggles at home had been affecting everything — my health, my happiness, and my finances. And I never realized that I was the one creating those struggles for myself!

One thing that amazes me is how much reading, personal development, courses, and events I have attended over the last 6-7 years, in addition to hiring and firing coaches, but none of that compares to what just six months of Jackie has done for my life!

Truly, the changes are indescribable. For me, it’s been more about personal growth than external outcomes. But I needed to go through this transformation to actually achieve the external. Now, I just decide and things happen! Literally!

Ellie Rome-Reed

I met Jackie a little over 17 years ago at Starbucks in Ashburn while I was picking up product. A year later we ended up working together. At first, it was interesting but as time went on we became the best of friends. Her passion and dedication to coach, develop and train new team members has always been her first priority. There have been many moments past and present that I have needed someone to listen to me and guide me in the right direction. Jackie is an amazing person and sees the good in every situation and focuses on the positive. When she started her coaching journey I knew that she found her calling.

I have learned in my years of knowing Jackie that everything in life happens for a reason and what happens makes you stronger.

So if you are looking for an amazing coach … coach Jackie is your person.

Marc Mullen

I met Coach Jackie at a networking event I conducted. When you think networking event, ahhh I may meet someone who can refer me out here or there. But not Coach Jackie, with her it is friend first. Now, don’t let that deter you, it is because of that I assure you; she has your best interest at heart. I have sought out Coach Jackie’s services myself and between the questions and the action plans that she uses, let me tell you….if you are looking for someone thorough and more so engaged, she is your go to Coach. Reach out to Coach Jackie, I promise you she will make it one of the best investments that you make for YOU. She gets those wheels turning and push you in the direction that you are destined for. Much love Coach Jackie! Can’t wait for our collab, it is coming!

Yahaira Marie

I have known Jackie a little over a year and I have been working with Jackie Cote for nine months as a client. Jackie is an amazing coach. Why? Because she will call BS when you are clearly making excuses or lying to yourself. She will push you when you need to be pushed, support you when you need to be supported, and she is brilliant and untangling the tangled web we weave around ourselves and what keeps us stuck. She has helped me return to my true self, to grow in ways I didn’t think possible and has been an immeasurable help and support in finding my best vision and path for my best life. Is it easy work, NO, but she makes it manageable and sustainable. I would not be where I am or on the path to my most amazing life/self if not for her work with me, belief in me, and support of me.

She is one of the best I have worked with in the coaching world. If you need help getting unstuck, building your truest vision of yourself, learning how to imagine and dream again, and BELIEVE It possible…Jackie is THE coach to work with.

Havilah Magruder Vangroll

What can I say about Jackie and Jackie Cote Coaching?

Jackie is magnetic. Her energy, her vibe, her magic are contagious. She is a true partner to those who work with her. Jackie is a friend, a coach and a force. She will have you looking at your business, your personal relationships, including your relationship to self (the most important one), in a whole new way. Working with Jackie gave me the techniques to define priorities and achieve a better work/life balance all while reminding me that my vision for the future should be honored and can be achieved. Her down to earth personality and approach helped me discover a clearer awareness of who I truly am and the gifts I have to share with the world.

I am more confident and personally fulfilled in my life having worked with Jackie. I also attended her 1st Freedom & Adventure retreat and highly encourage any woman to join in on the next one! I wholeheartedly recommend Jackie Cote coaching if you are done playing small and ready to up level in your life!

Victoria Mutarelli

For those of you looking to break free from the routine you have in life… I recommend reaching out to Jackie Cote.

As a client of Jackie Cote, I am honored to provide a heartfelt recommendation for her extraordinary work as a Freedom Mentor, Speaker, and RV Adventurist. Jackie has been instrumental in my personal and professional journey, and I am delighted to share my experience.

Working with Jackie has been a transformative and life-affirming experience. I initially sought her guidance because, despite my successful corporate and medical background, I felt a deep yearning for more in my life. I craved freedom, adventure, and a genuine sense of fulfillment that extended beyond monetary success. Jackie’s expertise and coaching have been nothing short of miraculous.

Jackie has a remarkable skill set that sets her apart in the coaching world. Her communication skills are impeccable, allowing her to create a safe and open space for her clients to express themselves fully. She listens attentively, providing insights and guidance that resonate on a profound level.

One of Jackie’s most exceptional talents lies in her ability to assist her clients in developing a clear and inspiring vision for their lives. She helped me envision a life filled with purpose, excitement, and love, while also finding a way to harmoniously integrate my career and financial success into this new paradigm.

As a transformational life coach, Jackie has guided me through significant life transitions with grace and wisdom. Her coaching has helped me shed limiting beliefs and past trauma, allowing me to step into my true power as a leader, both in my coaching business and in life as a whole.

Jackie’s passion for adventure travel and her deep understanding of emotional freedom have added a unique and exhilarating dimension to our work together. She encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, embrace new experiences, and tap into the limitless possibilities that life has to offer.

Through Jackie’s guidance, I have not only rediscovered my sense of purpose but also unlocked my potential as an entrepreneur. She has empowered me to create a life I truly love, one filled with freedom, adventure, and love, all while achieving financial success on my terms.
In summary, Jackie Cote is an exceptional mentor and coach who has made an indelible impact on my life. If you are seeking a transformational experience that will lead you to awaken your inner power and embrace a life of joy, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jackie. Her skills in communication, vision development, transformational life coaching, mentoring, leadership, adventure travel, emotional freedom, and financial freedom are unparalleled.

Thank you, Jackie, for guiding me on this incredible journey of self-discovery and empowerment. You are a true catalyst for change, and I am immensely grateful for the positive influence you have had on my life.

Suzy Wraines

I am a believer that all things happen for a reason and with purpose! I met this wonderful, bubbly young lady during a Toastmasters meeting and we instantly clicked. Her energy was full of life and positivity. She was definitely an uplifting spark to my spirit! Jackie and I met for lunch one afternoon, where we had a great time. You would have thought we had been girlfriends for years. Jackie shared a little bit about her past, where she is now in her life and her goals for her future. Listening to Jackie’s story about her life’s journey was nothing short of amazing and very inspiring.

About a week or two later, Jackie and I met again for lunch but this time it was Coach Jackie that presented herself. Now of course, she was still her bubbly, smiling and laughing self; ensuring you were good, and comfortable as usual! Coach Jackie came with confidence, professionalism and full knowledge of her craft. Our conversation was with purpose and thought provoking. At the end of our session, I was left with visualizing a clearer path, I understood my direction and my spirit was as light as a butterfly! We all have moments in our lives, where we find ourselves lost, unsure, stuck in the past and unfocused. All of these obstacles keep us from our true potential; the greatness and power we were born with, and from living our very best lives. I would highly recommend Coach Jackie to help you get back to or find the fabulous you!!

Dianna Wright