Stephanie Anderson jumped in early to the Destiny Makers Membership that is opening next week and got her bonus Vision session with me yesterday. Here is what she has to say after just 60 minutes back in the energy of my world! (See pic)

The thing about me is I’m not that Ra Ra coach that is going to just blow smoke up for ass to make you feel better.

Yes I am a positive, happy human because I choose to be AND I tell it like it is.. . . I mean I am from Jersey!

I call out the things I know you know but you can’t see so clearly.

I help you take responsibility for your life and the power you have to live it.
I guide you how to feel the feels of the suck and still have joy and love present.

This message she sent sounds like I was happy and shiny in it but we got real and she appreciated that and is choosing different moving forward in her life!

2 days left to get this BONUS session to kick start the next part of your freedom life journey. Here is the link to join!

Much love all
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor