It’s just not me….
It’s just not who I am…

I’m a simple girl…
I’m low maintenance…

I don’t need much…

I don’t like that fancy stuff…

Have you ever caught yourself saying these things to yourself or out loud to others?

Feeling resistance to the desire of wanting things that “aren’t you”?
Feeling drawn to it but denying yourself because you were told it’s not needed?
Feeling like you won’t fit in or be accepted with the style you desire to be?

This was me and boy have I fought it for most of my life!

I fought my urge to buy things that were more “expensive” because I grew up with smaller means and needing to find a way to get it myself.

I fought the urge to wear clothing that made me feel “sexy” because normal clothes didn’t fit my body like it did the other girls.

I fought the urge to be “girly” and wear make up, jewelry and pretty shoes because I grew up with mostly boys and without a female figure to mentor me for most of my life.

So we created all sorts of “reasons why” we aren’t who we really are inside.
Why we aren’t….

The sexy curvy badass woman with the fitted dress, the low cut v neck, and the leg slit all the way up that makes the imagination fly.

The woman who invests in herself fully for fashion, beauty and health practices as a non negotiable because she desires and deserves it.

The woman who feels confident in lashes, make up, done up hair, a fitted dress and heels one moment and Aldi PJs the next.

We get to be all the ways of our desired BEing.

Just because you live in an RV and love your comfy clothes doesn’t mean you don’t get to throw on some heels and a prom dress and let that part of you come out and PLAY!!

It’s time for all of us to OWN all the parts of us that want to come out and play!

Stop hiding the parts of you that you were told, by you or others, that they shouldn’t come out and play.

All parts matter!!

I’m here to help you own that!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor

📸 Tiffany Heidle-Lanza is the magician who has helped create all the pics I have been sharing. Love you girl! 😘