What an amazing short stay in Tennessee!

We parked at our Harvest host for the night, East Tennessee Distillery and did a moonshine tasting.

Then I got to meet my amazing badass business woman client Randi LaFerney to see her house on the lake, meet her dog and daughter, have amazing bbq, delicious dessert with live music and a driving tour of Bristow and drive down the half Virginia half Tennessee road!

In between I had the honor of being on Rowena Winkler virtual stage and we had such a blast!

So grateful for the beautiful humans in my life and experiences I get to create with them.

Freedom is a mindset and can be created each day in some way!

Its about loving yourself enough to say yes to your desires!

What do you want more of in life that you dont have right now?

Let me help you turn your freedom vision into a reality now!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist