This was a fb memory post from 2 years ago that I feel is relevant everyday of our lives. Love is the answer!

“The essence of life is to communicate love”

This was on my tea bag tab today and hit home big time!

The Freedom to love and be loved

I’ve learned so much on this journey of life but the last year taught me to give love and receive love FULLY.

What I found was that I had a story that I had to rewrite.

A story I subconsciously told myself that if I let someone love me too much or me them I will be dependant on them and I would lose my independence or lose them eventually and I would not let that happen.

I created a safety mechanism story from 5 years old when my mom died. That’s what our brain does to keep us safe, loved and belong.

Everything comes back to those three things.

So tell the people up love that you love them!
Show them you love them!
Let them love you back!
Receive the love that is coming to you!

You are worthy of fully loving and being loved!

It can be scary, risky, unknown, and confusing! Especially if you have a loving parent and good life. You don’t think this could be a story!

We are worthy of experiencing all this love and joy.

We get to have this and not worry about it going away one day.

And even if it does go away for some reason we are safe and loved no matter what.

Because we get to create inside us the love, safety and belonging so that we can receive fully from others!

Are you holding yourself back from FULLY giving or receiving love?

If so I’m here to help.

Much love all!
Your Freedom Mentor

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