Awaken The Senses ❤️❤️❤️

We got our tickets for our journey and some smoking cocktails. . .

Started in our first class jet and some champagne with a thin prosciutto snack.

Then we headed to England first and had bread pudding from a classic phone booth replica and tea beverage. This
was the first place we experienced the table changing as we touched it.

Next we stopped in Italy and had a delicious burrata cheese, tomato, basil jelly and olive salad with prosecco.

Next we went on a cruise ship to the Caribbean and had a cold lobster soup and a coconut rum beverage that also smoked.

Quick submarine trip in the water with sharks, fishies, and water to play with on the table again.

Then came the good ol USA with red wine and slow cooked for 5 hours beef with crackling fire and classic tunes in the background.

Jumped on a train to Mexico and had a beef taco with a beautiful glass with a special Mexican drink.

We had to break the code to get to space next!

In space we had a chocolate Saturn dessert with a creamy delicious drink.

Then they came to sing happy birthday to Mike since his birthday is the 8th.

We felt like kids in play while traveling the world tasting and smelling amazing cuisine and beverages.

So grateful for the experience!

Technology is so cool btw!!