“Back to reality!”

How many times have you heard yourself say that after an amazing vacation away with family, friends, or your partner?

The standard week from the job vacation to escape the norm of life to temporarily experience what you truly desire life to be like as the norm.

What if life could feel like a full time vacation?
What if you didn’t have to escape everyday life?
What if you got to live the life you love and made money doing it?

I got home from a women’s retreat in Mexico and my thoughts started to go there. They started to think in the old mindset.
Back to the grind
Back to work
Back to reality

I stopped and asked myself. . .Is that true?

What is really true Jackie?
I get to serve and make money doing it on my time.
I get to design that my way while traveling all the time.
I get to decide how much or how little money I bring in.
I get to choose my thoughts to create the feelings of each and every moment I get to create.

I have a life of time, money and location freedom if I continue to believe so and choose so.

Our version of “back to reality” is what we decide it to be.
Its our thoughts that create our feelings that create the actions we take and results we are experiencing.

So when my old story started dictating how I was feeling about being back home in the RV from the trip I chose to change my thoughts and think about my gratitude for the life I get to live and continue to create.

Are you ready to live a life you never want to escape?
A life that that flows daily from a place of fun, love and joy?
A life that accepts the duality of the ups and downs and doesn’t let it define you?
A life that you have the power to decide your experience?

With my signature Awaken, Empower, and Own process I will help you stand in your power to believe, achieve and receive this life of freedom that you desire and deserve!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

📸 me laughing with the ocean letting it know ill be back! 😉🤗😘