We all left to continue on with our life journeys more powerful than we came in.

Yes we are tired and some of us are sore. Lol (More to come about that in a future post)

But we all are leaving with…

More self awareness
More community
More relaxation
More trust in self and others
More courage
More depth
More nourishment
More joy

And most important More Love for self through others.

You might think the retreat is over the day you leave but the integration of what you experience continues to do it’s work.

Things shift when you least expect it. ( like the car ride home! Lol)

Be open. Be curious. Be present. Be willing.

If you are these above things, so much can come from a 4 day container like the Power of Her retreat.

This is why I’m so passionate about both going to them for me and hosting them for other women to be part of.

If you are curious about retreats and want to ask questions about them PM me.

I have 3 on the calendar in the next 12 months. One in November in the Smokey mountains of Tennessee, one in January in Cozumel, and one in Glacier National Park in Montana in Spring 2024.

Once you experience this for you only, you will see why its a non negotiable for me to go once a quarter.

Much love

Coach Jackie