Hello beautiful people!!

I am overwhelmed in the best way ever today feeling all the birthday love each of you have taken the time to send me the last two days. 🤗❤️😍

Every year I make sure I personally send each person a thank you for it. This year with all the travel and getting settled into Wyoming campground late last night I decided to give myself grace and truly just receive.

What does it mean to truly receive?

It’s letting everyone give you love without feeling obligated to give back.
It’s not trying to even the score and just letting others give to you.
It’s being so grateful for the each blessing in my life and trusting you all know my gratitude and love for you.

Receiving was one of biggest story changes I had to make over the last few years to help me build the business I have today.

If we don’t allow ourselves to receive joyfully we will never be able to live out the life we truly desire and serve to the capacity God has meant for us.

Today allow yourself to receive!

Thank you all again! 50 is gonna be the best year yet!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist