Bye bye Denver! 😍😭😘

It has been so much fun exploring the last 2 months and using the Denver Airport for all my travel events. 🤣 We will be back next year Denver!

Off to the Virginia Beach area to be near 3 of the kids and grandbaby!

We have a week to do it so we will do one night in Kansas, a couple nights in Missouri, a day at the six flags there, a night in Kentucky, then land in Chesapeake Bay RV for 3 weeks.

Then Virginia Beach and NJ till the end of the year. Hope to see whoever I can during my travels in the area!

Coach Jackie’s mobile office will be open all of today with a solid 8 hour drive plus stops. So give me a buzz!!

Much love all and happy Friday!!
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist