Can you walk away from the work you do and the life you live and take the time you need for your family?

The last 6 weeks of my life just showed me why it was so important that I never gave up on me and the business I was building.

Dad needed care . . .pause, delete calendar for as long as needed, fly across country and do what needs to be done for family.

If I stayed in the job world this would not have been possible to do with such ease and grace.

If I didn’t heal and open up to love I wouldnt have my husband to support me and take care of my pups so I can do this.

If I didn’t do the inner work on my belief system around trust and faith that my business and relationship will be ok, I wouldn’t have made the decision so quickly.

Everything is falling into place now for my dad and soon I will be back home to my husband and pups and our 44ft box parked in Colorado.

Being in my world gives you the confidence to make scary ass decisions rapidly and trust the journey.
Being in my world gives you the gift of belief to take action towards your big scary audacious visions
Being in my world helps you know you are safe to be you and move forward into your next level life and biz.

She believed she could. . . .so she did!

Don’t quite believe in what’s next for you?

Let me hold that gift of belief for you until you get there and then we can watch you soar to your freedom life filled with peace, fuillfilment and love.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

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