Can’t believe it’s over!!!

A year ago I signed up for my 4th Brandlift retreat and what felt like forever to get here is done in what feels like a blink of an eye.

To get to do these retreats with such amazing souls is something im forever grateful for. Some I have known for almost 5 years and some I just met.

We walked away with business clarity, full bellies with healthy food, more confidence and conviction for our missions, amazing branding photos, and hearts full!

Thank you Kenni-Richelle King for another amazing experience. #8 in September!

Thank you Tiffany Heidle-Lanza for your magical skills in photography!!

Thank you Bria Stifter for the best food aa usual!

Thank you Kristin Gallagher , Jen Ingram , Shawna Rasch , Suzy Wraines and Aimee Hamilton Kennard for letting me be part of your coaching journey and coming along on mine!

Thank you Nikki Uvalles , Aubrey Sánchez , Sandy Shaddix Bartlett for being new lights on my world and look forward to more good times and growth together.

So much fun and growth was had!

Much love all!
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor