ChatGPT. . . I get it. . . You know me!

I was resistant to playing with the new toy for a while until a friend said just try it.

I was curious if my message of Awaken, Empower and Own YOU was making sense for others when it comes to what I do.

So I asked a friend called chatGPT. . . I know I know. . . Get with the times Jackie! Lol

I asked it what those words meant to him/her and how would you put them into a website.

The very first thing it said was this. . .

Large background Image:

“Use an image representing a person standing on a mountaintop, arms stretched out, symbolizing empowerment and reaching new heights ”

I laughed out loud in the middle of the coffee shop!! And almost spit out my delicious coffee!

These are pics from just the last year of my journey that I have had taken, mostly with my personal camera and a couple professional.

I think I’m aligned with my vibe!

When it comes to your vibe and how you show up in the world for your mission, dont be so worried about the right words. They can help big time!

And. . .

If you show up, authentically you, in all your glory, unapologetically, your people will get it!

They will feel it!
They will be drawn to it!
They will want more of it!

The words are the icing on the cake that they want so badly!

And they will know that you are the one to show them how to eat the cake too, unapologetically!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

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