Im back!!! And ready to help you all speak into your vision from a done place!!

Let’s celebrate January 2025 together now!!

Why wait? Lets help the brain know it is true and done!

Monthy I will be running these free experiences on the 4th Thursday at 4pm est, 1pm pcf. Enroll to get the zoom into with the link in the comments below.

How do you create what you desire?

We must help the brain feel safe and know that the unknown we desire is ok and safe to go for! We must let the brain know its true and done.

That is when you and the Universe/God can co create your true goals and desires!

If you have a desire you are meant to have it because it came from God to you! Don’t deny that!

See you on January 25th!!

Click here to register!

Much love
Coach Jackie

Happy day all! Cheers to coffee time to start a new day!