Christmas turned out amazing! I woke up saying it would and it did!

Started with my grandson Grayson and his mama video-calling me which brings me soooo much joy to start the day!

Then granddaughter Melody and her mama called while driving so not pics but man she lights up our life!!

First stop was going to my mom and brother’s grave site to have a chat and let them know how much we love them. There is a pic of a beautiful huge tree right by their site that I remember falling in love with everytime we came to visit.

Then we headed to my brother’s for a pop-in visit with his fam and my other brother and like a good Cote he fed us big time! So good!

Lastly we headed back home and stopped and saw my stepmom and my stepbrother popped in at the same time! So we got to see more of the family than we thought!

I love how everything works out for me!

Time to snuggle on our chairs and get some rest! It’s been a good day that I will forever be grateful for!

Merry Christmas from us to you! Lots of love!