Clients can be time investing clients or money and time investing clients. . .

Just because they haven’t invested money in themselves with you yet doesn’t mean they aren’t a “client” in your world.

We can definitely get wrapped up in the concept of money exchanged only equals client success.

Which then creates a belief of how “good” we are in our coaching business.

What if we looked at everyone that crossed our path, read our stuff, watched our videos, joined our groups etc as clients?

These are investing time in self clients through your magical content and services.

What if we trusted in people’s buying cycles and then they become clients who are investing time and money in themselves through your magical services?

How differently world you show up if you thought this way?

How much more confidence would you have if you thought this way?

How many more people would you serve in your authentic magic is you thought this way?

You are defined by whatever you decide to be defined by.

Quantity of money received from “clients” shouldn’t be the defining factor of your success and power of your magic!

Maybe we change the term client. . .hmmm

Share your thoughts below.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist