One year ago. . . .crazy the difference a year can make in your life.

Stop waiting to live the freedom life you truly desire!
Stop telling yourself that one day you will go for it and become the priority!
Stop waiting to enjoy life on your terms until the kids are gone or retirement hits.

One year ago mom and dad were living their day to day life and today life is a completely different picture for them.

From what I saw over the years they lived an amazing life of travel and experiencing things in their earlier years that you would think that they had no regrets!

I learned many things about them and how they felt about their lives over the past two months that made me reassess my own views on my life lived so far.

Im a fricken coach that helps you live life on your terms beyond what you ever thought possible and it made me second guess mine!

I have gone for the things in life more than many have and yet I know in my core there is so much more that I have held myself back from.

Not anymore!

Ive healed so much and released so many old stories and yet I know I have work to do.

Not anymore!

I asked myself hard questions!
I talked with my partner about hard stuff!
I decided to release even more of what was in me that could create these regrets or doubt later on in life.

Yeah, I say I have no regrets and I love my life but when you go into an altered state of being like they both did so much that you hid down deep comes out to play!!

Not anymore!
Let that shit go now!
Do the work to be at peace with it all!

Forgive and live!


Trust me.

Cause what will come out later that you have been hiding behind the “I got it girl” way of being will rear its head and boy is it not a fun way of being!

Message me if this resonates and you want to discover you beneath all the layers.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor