Day 2 of the Freedom and Adventure Retreat retreat is done and I actually don’t have a ton of pics.


Because some good shit was going down for all and i was so in the moment with each women’s breakthrough.

These women are on fire and the love and support that they feel for each other in 2 days is something so rare in the world today that I have been speechless and in awe.

I was told 2 years ago by someone that all I had to do is show up, be me, and magic happens.

Took me a while to understand that, get it, and embrace it. . .

This experience solidifies this to be true for me. 💯💯💯

I created the container, held a safe place, brought like-minded badass women together and let go and let God.
Holy Shit! 🤯🤯🤯

Honored to be the catalyst to the shifts that they are creating for themselves and so fricken excited for what is next
for each of these Freedom Seekers and Destiny Makers!

Love you all!! 😘
Coach Jackie