Today is a day of duality for me.

A mix of high and low vibe feelings.

High because I realized that my year to date for October has exceeded what I ever made for a year in my job world and there are still two months to go! I also broke the 300k mark in earnings in my own business today. 3 years ago i never thought I would say that. 🙌🥳🙌🥳

Low because over a decade ago in November my body carries memories of my brother dying in the hospital which I had to assist, my dad having a stroke at the same time from the stress, and my nephew getting diagnosed with leukemia. 🙏❤️😢 (My dad is 91 and still going and my nephew is cancer free! 🤗)

I used to wonder why for no reason I would feel a massive low and cry for no reason this month. Then I learned the body doesn’t lie and remembers these events.

I used to fight the lows and get mad at myself for feeling them with no logical reason in the present day why.

I used to never let myself truly FEEL my emotions. . .

Somewhere along life we learned that we can’t hold both high and low emotions at the same time.

We had to fix or push away the low so the high could be acceptable. Our the reverse, we had to hide the high because the low must be felt.

We get to honor it all! 💯💯💯

We get to sit quietly with the emotion of the low and let it process and flow through while also being grateful and happy for the high celebratory feeling.

Coming from a girl who didn’t truly let herself FEEL for 40 years in here to tell you that when you allow yourself to feel it all without judgement the true magic unfolds.

So I sit here unapologetic in my duality of emotions, drinking my tea, and allowing it to flow, knowing an amazing day is ahead with whatever it brings.

Feel the feels

Receive the duality

Own your journey

Much love❤️❤️❤️
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist