Decide December. . .Decide to Trust your inner knowing.

Yesterday I had my final call of the year for my membership and it was bittersweet because we celebrated so much and I am closing the membership for a while to reassess.

One of the members thanked me for being an example of honoring self and that inner knowing even when its hard to.

When I opened the membership 2 years ago I did it on a whim and a bunch of souls jumped in without knowing all the details because I didnt have them. Lol They just trusted.

I had a loose plan and trusted that it would become something amazing. And it did!

When I finally decided last month to close it, it was hard but I knew it was time. Time to contemplate the groups purpose and intention and what I want the future to look like in 2024.

This container wasnt a hell yes anymore. I had to honor my inner knowing. This means a possible loss of clients and money.

This fear of loss can keeps us from honoring self and what is truly the right thing for all moving forward.

Can you relate?

Feeling that inner knowing that says hell no, or hell yes, or make the move and yet you pause, overthink, doubt it instead of listening.

Get still
Get curious

Owning who you are is owning your decisions.

Owning your decisions when they come from your inner knowing is freedom.

Owning your freedom to be you fully is what I desire for you!

This is what I do when I support my clients to become the badass godesses that they have always been meant to be.

Thank you ladies for all that you have contributed over the last 2 years and for trusting me and the community to be part of your journey!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

My next level container, Freedom Creator Mastermind, is 30% off until end of year for 2024 enrollment. PM me for any questions or details.