Destiny Makers

It Gets To Be Easy!! Your 6 Figure Business and Beyond

An amazing mix of strategy and mindset- inner and outer game!

6-week Live Group Coaching with me and fellow like minded women

Are you doing all the things and getting no results?

Does marketing your business feel hard?

Are you struggling with feeling salesy?

Spending time and money on things that aren’t income generating?

Don’t know where to start?

Would you like it to be Easy? Fun? See Results? Create relationships? Make Money?

If so this is the program for you!

I’ll be guiding you through how I made my first 6 figures in biz with ease and grace by just being authentically me and coming from a place of service.

I will teach you the 4 main things I did that helped without the bells and whistles. No website, funnels, landing pages and fancy stuff needed! Just you. . . .

Simple foundational basics of getting started- tech, words to say, mindset

Maximize networking opportunities to meet people

Organic marketing funnel to tell people what you do

Fun ways to make offers to help people that removes the thought of being salesy

Plus Bonus Mindset work to help support the simple organic authentic strategies:

BONUS: Abundance money mindset
BONUS: Trust and surrender- Believe/Achieve/Receive mindset

I’ll be IN IT every step of the way and teaching you how I’ve built a business and life of freedom and how YOU CAN TO by just being YOU!

Program includes:

6 weekly live Zoom coaching calls with me and like minded destiny makers
Weekly tools and assignments
Private FB group for a safe place to ask questions, celebrate, and connect
FB messenger access to me throughout the program
Special discounts for next level private VIP coaching with me

I cannot wait to introduce you to your next level of FREEDOM in your business!!

Much Love
Coach Jackie Cote