Do I have the capacity to do it right now?

Capacity is a question we rarely ask ourselves as ambitious, driven, successful women.

Because aren’t we supposed to wear all the hats and do all the things?

As I go through this amazing retreat experience I am having so many mixed emotions.

I want to dive into all the things and plan out my world domination!


I want to crawl into bed and avoid it all because because I’m afraid I cant handle it and life right now at the same time.

What do I have the capacity to do right now for my business and life mission while I navigate aging parents, kids who need support, my personal well being, my relationship and my business challenges?

Yes ladies…. we get to ask ourselves this question and answer it with complete honesty.

All answers are ok. . .

I have no more capacity
I have the capacity for 10 hours a week
I have the capacity if I say no to others

This is a season of life that is temporary for me and most things are for you too.

Release the guilt and shame, choose what works for you and give yourself permission to BE and DO what’s right for you in this season.

Much love
Coach Jackie

PS: I decided that my capacity for the work that I do in the world will be for 1:1 private coaching and my mastermind group right now.

PSS: If you feel drawn to do the inner work with me so you can honor self and move forward the best way for you, and not everyone else, reach out and lets talk.