Empower the Leader Within. . .

3 year ago I never used and rarely heard the expression Empower.

What did it really mean?

Definition: To make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

I realized I had been doing this naturally for others since I was 15 years old (30 plus years) at my first real job when they handed me the keys and said your in charge.

Helping others see what they couldn’t see in themselves and holding that gift of belief for them until they got there was a gift I was given by God and it helped me promote over 300 people to next levels throughout my 30 year career!

So why didn’t it resonate for me when I heard it?

I was so busy empowering others that I didn’t truly empower myself to the unlimited levels possible.

Next level receiving of money
Next level execution of my ideas
Next level belief in self
Next level acceptance of me
Next level love in my life
Next level time freedom

I settled. . . For what others told me. . . Or I told myself. . .

Was possible to achieve

What I was worthy of

How much time I could take off

Where I had to be and when

What love should look like

How much money I could make for my gifts

Empowerment starts with us first!

Definition revised: To empower self is to make SELF stronger and more confident, especially in controlling our own life and claiming our rights.

Today I have embraced my personal Empowered leader within and stand in my confidence and claim the life of freedom I love. . . So that I can do that for others.

Not the other way around. . .

Empower the leader within is the second 4 days of the AEO bundle where together we will Empower your leader within so you can claim all that’s possible!

Once Empowered you will have the confidence to choose to move forward and OWN your leader within unapologetically!

We kick off August 22nd with the AEO bundle that is 555 for all three parts, Awaken, Empower and Own, until I decide to increase the investment.

555 means big changes are coming!

Are you ready to Empower your leader within?

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist
The three parts of this bundle can be sold separately for 333 each instead of 555 for all three.