Random post. . I know! 🤣🤣🤣 but you know me everything in life is a lesson!

So I’m sitting doing my PQ reps for my morning routine and its around focusing on hearing noises near and far.

So I realize I’m hearing the squirrels going at it on my trash bag that I put out for pick up!

So I turn into that person throwing water at them from afar to keep them away so the poor guy who picks it up doesn’t have a mess on his hands.

Let me tell you this one of the three taught me a lesson of determination!! The other two said screw this but this guy stared me down and kept coming back for more.

At first it came directly at the bag. . . Then I would scare him away.

Then he would go further out a different way like he wasn’t headed to the bag then turn quickly to the bag and go for it. . .then I would scare him away again.

The third time he circled under the porch and around looking like he wasn’t interested and hoping I would give up and walk away.

Then the guy came and picked up the bag. Lol

This little guy would have gone all day if I let him until he got what he wanted!

Without fear of judgement
Without doubting he can do it
Without a thought of giving up

One way didn’t work he would pivot and try another way.

What is something you have tried one time that didn’t work recently?

Did you pivot and try again?
Did you say all well. . . .that didnt’ work and give up?

Let’s all be the curious, determined, push through the fear squirrel!

What is one thing today you can do to be more like the squirrel? 🐿 And I don’t mean shiny object syndrome squirrel! 😜

Much love
Jackie ❤️❤️❤️
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor