I’m so proud of me!!

My laptop camera pooped out on me on a call with someone and 2 hours before I had to be on the Heroic Coaches Summit with the awesome Susan Kenney and Dave Kenney.

I didn’t get it fixed but I reached out to my VA to troubleshoot and went to 3 stores and finally found a webcam and boom back in business!

You see one of my old stories is I’m not good at technology stuff. And that is true! Its not my zone if genius. And I’m totally ok with that!

What is my zone of genius is asking for help and figuring shit out!

1. Don’t be too proud or stuck in the “it is what it is” bullshit to ask others who are good at what you’re not for help!

2. Everything is figureoutable! Go find the way to make it work. And now I have the webcam backup in case I can’t get my camera working. Oh and it came with a tripod so I can play with different angles

3. Lastly celebrate when you make shit happen!! So that is what I’m doing here with you!

Because if making it happen I met these two beautiful humans and got 3 new people signed to fit my free Awaken, Empower and Own YOU Free Masterclass! And had loads of fun!

Everything works out for me is my mantra every day. Please steal it and say it everyday and especially when you feel like shit is about to hit the fan!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist