“Everything works out for me!”

This is a daily mantra I say and especially when I find myself slipping into worry or concern about a situation

This showed up today with where I would be sleeping tonight and not knowing where that would be.

You see my cute little RV rental didn’t quite work out due to a reaction to what seems to be underlying mold. This of course can happen in older homes and places near water. I get itchy or burning eyes, itchy skin or a rash and sometimes breathing issues if really bad.

I learned this about me in a rental Mike and I had before we went full time in the RV. I was sick for months for no reason and then we uncovered a massive mold issue in the walls and the vents.

So I decided that I would leave today and move into one of their other rentals but that didnt work out.

I started to worry because I need to leave here by 11 with a fridge full of food, calls to do for work, and plans to visit the folks between it all. Lol

I paused, smiled to myself and said.. . .everything works out for me!

I then got the download to message a friend of my dads and ask him if he knew of anyone.

Guess what? He has a friend 5 minutes from where my dad is and only 30 minutes from my mom. Closer to both than I am now.

So tonight I will have a place to lay my head and store my stuff.

Chaos and challenges are a part of life. Its up to us to choose how we respond to them when they happen.

I choose peace in the chaos.
I choose trust instead of doubt.
I choose love instead of anger.

Did my experience here end well? Not really but I honor the experience and I know it was meant for me to have.

Whatever is happening in our lives remember that you get to have peace through the chaos.

This is just one part of living a truly free life!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom and Love Mentor