Everything works out for us!!

This is a mantra that is my go to whenever I am feeling like things are about to go funky!

You see we checked in yesterday and got a decent room in the family side of the resort but not the adult only one that I thought I booked.

I told myself it’s fine and took it anyway. . .

Then the rest of the evening all we heard was noise outside being that we were the first room of the entrance to our building on the first floor.

It was that moment that I stopped and said to Mike “wait, this is not fine and we need to ask for what we wanted”

When we settle for what isn’t right or what we desired, we are falling into a victim mentality, and that is on us, not them.

It’s easier to just bow out than to risk a conflict conversation. . .

So we went to the desk and kindly and respectfully told them our situation and what we wanted and thought we purchased.

Within 30 minutes they found a room for us in the adult-only section with pool access outside our sliding glass door and 20 steps away from the newest pool area they have.

We got our room by 6, then had an amazing steak dinner, Gelato for dessert, got to watch the football game at the bar, and listen to a Beatles tribute band.

Next time you feel like you are losing control, something is about to go wrong, or you just desire a great experience. . .

Stop and say out loud. . .Everything works out for me, for you, for us!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist