Who else feels fancy fresh when they get their nails done?

Apparently I do because I got them done and took a pic and then a FB memory came up from 2 years ago in almost the same pose and excitement! 🤣🤣🤣

This time I chose a color to match my engagement ring so I can have a decent pic of my ring with nice nails vs my stubs. Such a new mindset than two years ago.

The last time was for a branding photo shoot I was getting done and it was so out of my comfort zone to spend the money and get a full set of long fake nails! Crazy mindset right?

When I saw the memory, I got curious why I wait for some special event to get them fully done?

Why do we feel like a massage is a treat not a necessity?
Why do we think going out for dinner is only to celebrate special moments and not just because every day is special?
Why do wait to get our hair done for months so that we can justify the $300 cut color and style?

It’s all based on the money stories we carry with us from past experiences, generational stories, and learnings from the world around us.

Do you live from an abundance or scarcity mindset day to day when it comes to money?

Would love to know your thoughts below on this. 👇👇👇

January in my Destiny Makers monthly membership is about money mindset and beliefs around money and how to rewrite the old stories and step more and more every day into an abundance mindset.

As simple as getting the nails done just because you desire them. Done.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist

PS if you want to know more about the monthly membership and the weekly live zoom calls PM me!