Fb memories blow my mind sometimes.

13 years older and wiser and feel and look better than I did then. (I’m the same weight too)

Things that are different:

I love myself
I care about me
I eat better
I use better care products
I reduce and removed stress
I go outdoors more
I love what I do
I took back control
I let myself be loved by others
I respect my inner wisdom
I trust my intution
I live life for today
I own my magic
I chose and still choose me
I believe and bet on me
I go for my dreams
I receive help and support
I love God and am fully supported
I know I am not alone
I own me fully and unapologetically

Look back and make a list of who you are being today vs then.

I am proud of that girl then for all she endured because she didn’t know any better.

Once I was aware and I awakened to what was possible, it then became my choice to live and be different.

Once you know its on you!

And every day I am becoming more aware of myself and what is possible.

The choice is yours to go there.

To become aware and take back the power of choice in your life.

To live fully now.

To do what you are meant to be doing and be who have always meant to be. And no longer fall back in what you think you should be doing that is holding you back.

It might feel scary but it’s time.

Time to get on a Vision call with me to see what is possible for you to step into what you have always been meant to do and be and live out the rest of your life even more fulfilled and loving it!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor