This is why I use FB as my digital diary for life and business. To remind me how far I have come and how much fun and growth I have had along the way!!

FB memories for today June 30th:

1 year ago we were at a Six Flags in New England riding roller coasters, parked with the RV at an Alpaca farm and launching one of my pop up groups called RESET back to you!

2 years ago I was running my DM membership for the first time and filling my Destiny Makers Mastermind as well!

3 years ago we were down in the Carolinas for Michael Jr’s Marine graduation and while I was filling my BE EMPOWERFUL pop up group.

4 years ago I was filling up my Get Out of Your Head and into Action pop up group and doing daily lives about taking action. We also just bought the RV and this was the last year we lived in an actual house before moving into the RV full time the following June.

5 years ago I was running a Spark event for HCI (the company that I did my life and health coaching certifications with) to bring the DC, VA, and MD students together to meet and support each other. It had been one year since I signed up for the program and was honored to be picked to represent the company locally.

6 years ago I was opening one of my very last CAVA locations before getting let go 2 months later. Oh and attended a Rascal Flatts concert where I fell in love with the Broken Road song that ended up being one of my wedding songs with my love.

8 years ago I was just starting with CAVA and doing an employee bonding event ropes course and had no idea that this was going to be the last company job I would ever have after 30 years in the business.

Sometimes we forget what badasses we are and all that we have created, overcome, went and took the risk, and lived our lives!

Sometimes in business I’ll have days where I think I suck and not doing well. Then I see all that I have done over the years and the lives I have impacted and it brings me happy tears!

Sometimes I stress over credit card debt, not enough money coming in, not doing enough, and then see how much fun I have had with my life while being fully supported the whole time and smile.

Pause today and either look at your fb memories or your photos on your phone and scroll back and remind yourself what a great life you have lived!

If you dont have pictures or cant remember what happened or feel like you haven’t lived a life you love then its time for us to talk!

Along all of these years I have had a ton of adversity and challenges. Deaths, accidents, financial losses, health issues, relationship ups and downs, family trauma, you name it. Its definitely not all rainbows and unicorns.

AND I decided to live life at the same time.

We get to have peace, love and joy amongst the chaos of life.

This is what I help you do!

DM me if this hit home and you are ready to live life and no longer just go through the expected motions.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor