Sitting in the dimming light of the RV after a long day of amazingness and feeling so grateful for the people I am attracting into my life through this journey of growth.

The final call of the day was with my new Speakers Playhouse family. In New Orleans I jumped all in to their big year long program Play 100 to further my speaking career.

Funny thing is I’ve met so many that have offered me the chance to join them 1:1 or group and I never did.

But there was something different about this group lead by Kimberly Crowe and Gini Trask . Their energy and vibe alone won me over in their free group. (Tagged above)

Then I met live and in person the current and future members in New Orleans and just knew this was the family I would be growing with this year.

It was a hell yes investment with no doubt. A bit of fear… of course! But wayyyy more excitement!

Tonight we got to spend 90 minutes with Diann Alexander on the sound bowls and Shiraz Baboo the master of shifting reality.

I cried!! My clients will love hearing that he made me cry! Cause I’m know for making them cry. 🤣🤦‍♀️😁

Monique McDonald , Catharine O’Leary , Consuela Munoz showed up so fully vulnerable and I’m loving being on this new journey together my friends!

The more we travel the more money we make!!

The more fun we have the more money we make!!

The more love we feel the more money we make!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
If you want info about this group PM me.

If you want to take your speaking career to the next level with a kick ass, intimate, successful, talented, fun, loving, community let me know!!