Five years ago I got fired at 8 am on a Monday after a 1.5 hour commute to DC without any notice or awareness of it coming.

I was escorted out, computer taken, cleared my desk and by 8:30 am I was in my car in the parking garage in DC with tears in my eyes and a bit of shock and confusion. Took a few minutes, wiped my eyes and started that long commute home.

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. . . a mix of emotions. Fear, scared, mad, sad. . . .yet relieved, at peace, happy and excited at the same time.

Looking back I knew, I felt it in my gut after two years of struggle, that I ignored and just hung in there hoping it would get better that I was getting let go.

On that car ride home my shoulders loosened, a peace started to roll over me, and a feeling I couldn’t put my finger on hit me like ton of bricks. What I know now is that it was a feeling of new found FREEDOM.

I had a 30 plus year career in the restaurant biz and for the first time I felt like I could break free from it. How did I think this after losing my income?

I found this thing called coaching two months earlier and had a taste of what I could possibly do instead of what I knew and have done for so long.

But I had no idea the how or the when and what was I thinking?? Create my own biz and replace an almost 6 figure income? That takes time! Do I have that? Can I do it?

I had interviews for other jobs and could have taken a couple right away and replace my income and go right back to what I had been doing and not miss a beat.

But my gut was telling me something different. . . .I finally listened.

Took 6 months of healing me
Minimal unemployment income,
Sold my house,
Moved and cut my expenses in half,
Invested lots of money in group coaching and a personal coach,
Debt increasing,
Savings going down,
Scared as hell,
Threw lots of spaghetti at the wall seeing what would stick,
Fearing that I made the wrong choice. . . .

Even though the money wasn’t coming in the way I desired so much more was happening that was way more valuable than money during that first year.

Taking the risk, the leap, the bet on me. . . .

More travel than I have ever done- 7 trips in one year.
Overcame bulimia and healed my relationship with my body and food.
Learned to love myself truly.
My relationship become more loving and real than it had ever been.
Created new friendships that I can’t imagine not having in my life.
Learned how to trust me and that the universe has my back

Then year two came and the money came in and with each month more and more came in and with less hustle and struggle than I have ever known.

The struggle is not real my friends!
I began to trust and believe first so I could achieve and receive.

This is what it is all about my friends!

Two years later I celebrated monthly income that is $5000 more than I made per month at my last job that let me go. Let me FREE!!


To the team that didn’t think I was the right fit, To the team that said I wasn’t doing my job well,
To the team that pushed me to do things I hated and had never done that has helped me in building my business today,
To the Universe for smacking me in the face so strongly that I finally got it!

5 years later Im so proud of myself and all the women and a few good men that have walked with me to do what they are meant to be doing vs staying where they think they should be.

If you just know you are meant for more and don’t know or believe that life can be different I am here to tell you . . . . .


Let’s do this!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

📸 by the amazing Tiffany Heidle-Lanza