Wow this was the first year into my journey (4 years ago. 2019. I must have reposted in 2020 as well) that I wrote this on the board at a Pete Vargas event in Denver Colorado.

I didn’t know then that I was meant to be your Freedom Mentor!!

I was told once my someone along the journey I can’t sell Freedom so don’t market it.

I began to listen…. then eventually said. . .

Watch me!!

Freedom and love are my core and my mission has gotten bigger than 100,000 women!

Why? Because I know that when I help one woman feel free to be her true self and own her power unapologetically then she will impact 1000s of women just by being her.

So I’m on a mission to guide 1 million women to Awaken, Empower and Own their badass self so they can have the fulfilled freedom life they desire while showing the world of women around them what’s possible!


Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor