Ever have an idea for a program, an event, or something you think would be great to do but you let the amazing idea fall flat and never execute on it?

Yeah me too!

What helps me take action on the idea is telling someone that I’m going to do it and getting them all excited about it!

Now because I have basically committed to another human I’m gonna get it done because I won’t let them down!

Its way more likely we will execute to completion if someone else is counting on us.

Example is doing exercise. Many of us are more likely to show up for the gym or the walk if they have made a commitment to another person to do it with them.

So until you get to the point where you always honor your word with self borrow this get shit done hack!

This is how after 2 years of thinking about my new Freedom Creators Mastermind container I am turning it into a reality for 2024!!

I invited 5 fellow badass women about my idea and including them in on the collaboration. They were all in! And jazzed about it!!

Can’t back out now!

This train is moving! And will be launching early bird starting in November!!

So if you want to be the first to get the info and early bird pricing let me know!! Im creating the waiting list now.

Freedom Creators become Destiny Makers!!

Are you ready to create your Freedom Life from the inside out?

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor