Do you love your life?

Does your job, career, business make you happy?

Bring you joy?

Give you the freedoms you desire?

I ask cause I always told myself I was happy for the 30 years of the restaurant business.

And I was!

The people I met, places I traveled, experiences I had, and the things I learned I wouldn’t trade for the life of me.

But you know that saying you don’t know what you don’t know??

Right now I’m experiencing things I didn’t know would be possible for me.

I mean I know anything is possible but was it for me?

Someone who grew up in struggle?
Someone who wore working hard and a million hours and hussle as a badge of courage?
Someone who knew they wanted their own business but lived in fear to take the leap cause she watched her dad go into bankruptcy and lose it all?
Someone who lost her mom at 5 and raised herself and paid for everything since she was 14?
Someone who has been “fat” aka the big girl since she was little?
Someone who could never buy the nice things her friend around her were given by their parents?
Someone who had to constantly prove herself that she was as good as the man going for the position.
Someone who was told they are disorganized and will not be successful because of it.

HELL YEAH I’M MEANT FOR MORE!! All of these things happened FOR ME so I could see and appreciate the possibilities that the Universe had in store for me!

I didn’t know what was possible. . .

The following was never my story so I had to have faith and create a new story before I got there.

Someone who travels and takes whatever time they want when they want it without having to ask for permission from anyone including myself!!
Someone who had her first $15k plus month and did it working 3 weeks at 25 hours a week!
Someone who gets to use her gifts to serve others without any rules or being told how to do it!
Someone who gets to love, respect and care for their body as a priority!
Someone who enjoys being alone and no longer uses food to comfort the fear of just being!
Someone who gets to do her work from anywhere!
Someone who does it all with ease and grace and no longer in struggle!
Someone who has time, location, money, food, self love, and choice freedom!
Someone who no longer lives in boxes and is ready to do whatever she desires because she knows she is worthy of it all!

I say this so you can know what I didn’t know.

AWARENESS is the first step to all change.

DECIDING that you’re worthy comes next.

RECEIVING what God has in store.

Let yourself be fully aware of where you are at, where you want to go, and get the support you need so you can know what you don’t know and experience what you want to have!

If I can do this anyone can!

Some people are where I desire to be and they show me that it’s possible!

If you have read to this point I hope I have given you more possibility to look forward to!

Freedom life is your birthright!

Much love
Coach Jackie