Freedom Seekers wanted!!

Freedom of time from the job that limits you or the business that you are tethered to.

Freedom of money to make as much as you desire by releasing from what someone else tells you your worth.

Freedom of location so you can live a life of travel and adventure instead of staying in the should-be doing of life.

Freedom to love yourself and others unapologetically without fear, doubt, or shame.

Freedom to be YOU!
I mean really be YOU.
The You that is dying to come out and play and be who she is meant to be in this world!
The YOU who dims their light for no one!

I’m here to tell you all the Freedom you desire is possible and you are meant for your desires and to be a Destiny Maker!

Join me in my hybrid VIP program where you get both 1:1 time with me and a small mastermind of women who are badass leaders standing in their truth and supporting each other along the way.

It’s time for more of us amazing women to Awaken, Empower and Own our badass leader within so we can change the world for the better together.

Come lock arms with me and my other Destiny Makers and let’s do this!

Much love
Coach Jackie ❤️
Your Freedom Mentor