From Employee To Entrepreneur: Making The Transition With Confidence.

You were made for so much more!!

You are crushing it at your day job, but you’ve lost the drive to continue moving up the career ladder.

Maybe you’ve reached your proverbial ceiling, or maybe you recognize that what you’re doing now could be scaled to impact outcomes for more organizations, communities and individuals.

You’ve been operating in an essential testing ground, and you know the need exists, but you’re uncertain of how to take the next big leap.

While there’s no one clear and certain path to entrepreneurship, there are a few tips that can possibly make your transition a bit more strategic and ultimately more successful.

Take it from me, a former JOBer, now living a life of freedom I absolutely love and never needs to escape, there are lots of ways besides diving right in without a plan like I did! lol

When I started out I thought it was all about getting a website, business cards or a link tree, knowing my branding colors, having my exact pitch statement, etc etc.

What I realized a couple months in was it wasn’t about all of that at all!! Those are important at some point but not when you are looking to take the leap.

Most of the time we know the answers to these things but we doubt them and fear the failure of them.

Its about the inner stuff!! But what does that really mean??

Let’s dive into a few steps you can take when taking the leap into building your next vision of freedom and personal empire from the inside out.

My 5 parts Roadmap to Freedom plan:

Part 1: Vision Plan- Getting total clarity on what you want next and stepping into it as if it is already done. Coming from the place of possibility!

Part 2: Belief Plan- What does the person who already has the vision believe? Create statements that support this belief and rewire the brain to take actions towards that vision.

Part 3: Mindset Plan- How to go from an employee mindset to the an entrepreneur mindset so you can embrace the change that is about to happen.

Part 4: Financial Exit plan- Assessing and mapping out where you are currently and what steps need to help create a more possible safer way of taking the leap.

Part 5: Support plan- Customizing what is right for you from where you are at and the support you need before, during and after the transition that will make sense for you.

There it is. . . simple, right?

I know, entrepreneurship is much more than a good business idea. It requires thoughtful planning, superb patience and dedication to making big things happen like you’ve never experienced before.

Above all, perform with passion and integrity. Create the dream job the world never presented to you. Build something from nothing. Make your wildest dreams come true.

Let’s jump on a freedom call:

Much love
Coach Jackie