Triggers. . . .

Glasses are a trigger for me. . .

I was that awkward chunky elementary kiddo with the boys haircut that would get mistaken for a boy by the school nurse and who was hiding the fact that she couldn’t read the chalk board.

The teacher noticed my squinting all the time and that lead me to getting glasses in the 4th grade.

So now that awkward kid has super thick coke bottle glasses that I would use my chubby cheeks to move up whenever they slid down.

You can imagine the things other kids said and the negative things I felt through it all.

Fast forward to teen years, contacts, then lasik I’ve been glasses free for a long time!

Then age sets in. . . And one pair for seeing at night and one pair for reading and so on!

The new story is I am hot in my glasses! I get to have fun with glasses! They get to be an accessory to my life!

What triggers you into a childhood memory like this? And have you re-written the story?

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor