It’s crazy to think that all these women came into my life because of my business. Some as clients, some through networking and some from referrals.

My whole business was created from scratch. Ground zero. No one from my previous life has been a client until 6 months ago. 4 years of meeting new people and creating so many relationships that I’m forever grateful.

There is no wrong way to do business. Some people say work through everyone you know first. Some say start fresh like I did. I say do what feels best for you!

In the end it’s all about relationship building and being authentically you coming from a place of service.

The Gift for doing that is finding women like this that fill your cup and make life better everyday!!

I love you ladies and grateful for every moment we get to spend together! Thank you for coming to visit! 😘😘😘

Much love
Coach Jackie

PS yes I’m giving them the finger in one of the pics!! They were picking on me! Well Laura Elizabeth Schrader was so it looks like I’m picking her nose with my middle finger. 🤣🤣🤣