Happy Father’s day to the man I love for so many reasons!

For the first couple years of dating the thing I loved watching the most was him being a dad. His undeniable love for them made me love him even more each day.

Over the last 3 years I’ve had the honor of watching him be a grandad and it made my love for him grew even deeper.

His love and dedication to all of them is truly what being a dad is all about. Its the pure genuine love he has for all of them no matter what is going on between them that is the unconditional love that all humans desire.

Even with our two fur babies he has a unique relationship with each one that is different that fits each pups way of being.

The icing on the cake is his ability to support me through some stuff with my dad and family that has helped me become closer with them and my own healing.

Babe I love you for being an honorable man who leads by example on how love is the answer. Not the money, the things, or the time together that quantifies the love for someone.

It’s your undeniable love that makes us feel safe and loved no matter what or where we are.

Happy Father’s day to you every day! I love you!