Happy first day of 2024 all!

Here are three things I need daily to start my day to keep sane and some energy for the day during this last month of caring for my dad.

1. Cup of mushroom coffee with almond milk and monk fruit.

2. Grouding on the earth for 10 minutes or more.

3. Early morning sun for 20 minutes or more breathing in the brisk fresh air.

The last 30 days have not been easy and at the same time have been beautiful and something I get to carry in heart and soul forever.

Yes I get angry
Yes I get frustrated
Yes I get sad
Yes I get confused
Yes I worry
Yes I cry over it all


Yes I laugh
Yes I feel joy
Yes I am happy
Yes I feel calm
Yes I feel fullfilled
Yes I feel love over it all

Some days have more of one list then the other but all days have both, because I allow both to be present.

I have chosen Prosperity as my 2024 word because thats what I heard when I got still and let myself listen.

Prosperity to me is when all people have the opportunity and freedom to thrive!

Many times we see life as just surviving the day to day instead of thriving.

Once we can shift our perspective and beliefs to a place of thriving we then have the opportunity and freedom to create the world around us that we desire.

My mission is to create a path for as many thriving Freedom Creators that I can to truly be prosperous this year!

I am prosperous, you are prosperous, we are prosperous!!

Happy 2024 my friends!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor