Have you ever worked with a pet communicator?

Have you ever wondered what your fur babies are thinking and feeling?

Have you ever wished you could communicate with them and figure out how to be more in tune with them?

I have a loving great relationship with both my pups and yet I was still curious.

Does Roxy my newly diabetic, blind and deaf 11 year old dog feel ok and ok with her new circumstances?

I can tell she is based on her behavior but we also know that animals can mask pain and struggle well.

Does Ryker my loving sweet 9 year old lab mix feel safe to be himself when on a leash with me or does he feel he must protect or both?

I have had challenges with other dogs loose running up to him ln a leash and it has created anxiety in me and him.

Today I started my day with a session with the amazing Kristin Hadley who is just that and so much more.

She was born with this gift and today she helped me get some answers that will help me take care of my kids even better.

And she also gave me peace that I’m doing an awesome job and they confirmed that with her.

The best part of the session was when she told me that Roxy knows she is the smartest one in the room just like her mama and neither of us have to say it. . .its just known.

If you have questions, concerns, or have a pet who is not doing well she wpuld be an asset to help you with the transition.

Schedule a call with her and you won’t regret it. She is a doll and you will immediately fall in love with her while she does her magic for you and your fur loves. (Her info will be in the comments below)

Thank again Kristin! Check her out here and book a session! https://www.kristinhadley.com/animal-communication