Heavy heart vs hardened heart. . .

My learnings from church today.

Tbh I’m one of those catholics that has a challenge with staying focused, listening and learning from the gospel.

If the priest doesn’t make it relatable to present day life I dont understand it and i get lost in people watching instead.

Today it hit home. . .

So many people I know are dealing with some heavy stuff lately, from death, loss, addiction, financial, grief, and so much more.

Today he spoke about how its ok to have a heavy heart but not a hardened heart.

A heavy heart can still receive and give where a hardened heart has no flow back and forth.

Just like when the arteries of the heart get clogged and hardened blood flow in and out doesnt happen.

When it feels heavy keep your heart soft by receiving love and giving love.

No matter what is happening in your world around you, you will come through it and see why its happening for you and the people in your world through allowing the receiving and giving.

Sending you all love today on the eve of September 11th.

Love is always the way.

Much love all
Coach Jackie