Help me welcome Carissa Beaman to my Destiny Makers membership!! We are growing and ready for you to join my womens freedom movement!!

Carissa is a mama of special needs kids who focuses on helping families with the same feel comfortable in the buying and selling process of their homes. She has a way of connecting with the entire family that helps ease the fear of judgement that she felt during many challenging moments.

She also does social media for companies that want to streamline and double or triple their business.

Oh wait. . . She is also getting ready to build and run her own networking chapter for the amazing Polkadot powerhouse organization in her surrounding area!

If you haven’t met her yet, you need to!

These are the kind of powerful, driven, giving, loving women that I attract into my community.

What does a women like this want? I mean truly want?

To be seen, heard and accepted exactly the way she is so she can show up fully in her magic, make more money, have more time, and feel free to live the freedom life inside and out she truly desires!

So excited to have you part of the family my friend!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

Info to contact her and/or join the membership is below:

Want to connect with Carissa? Here you go!

Here is a link to my membership to check out. Any questions message me!