I’m sitting here in so much joy and gratitude hearing all that is happening with the members of my Destiny Makers membership in just one month of being open!!

2 started blogs to share their story and inspire others.

1 got her first coaching client after deciding in our group to do it.

1 got booked for 2 retreat photography gigs

1 launched her podcast

1 finished her financial training and is kicking butt in filling the pipeline and networking

2 are doing workshops that are changing lives

2 schedule time to meet up in person and had an amazing time

1 is setting boundaries with family so she can continue to build her freedom life

And all of us got clearer on our vision and things are starting to fall into our world to supoort our freedom visions!

Here you are HEARD!
Here you are safe to be SEEN!
Here you are fully SUPPORTED!
Here you GET TO BE YOU fully and unapologetically!

Come join us and feel how different life gets to be when its filled with possibility, joy and love within you and others in a safe container.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor