“You can measure the love you bring to each day by the joy you experience in each moment” -Tazo tea wisdom

How do you experience love through joy?

We live our love out through. . .

😍Being silly in the simple moments of life while taking selfies. The things he has learned to do for me! 🤣

😍Telling each other I love you before we sleep or leave for the day.

😍Creating experiences together with no expectations so it can flow the way its meant to.

😍 Laughing at the moments we get sassy with each other and hug it out.

😍 Don’t sweat the small stuff because it just didn’t matter!

Share with us the way you create love through joy in your relationships?

I know you all come with so much experience so let’s share our stories and help others have more joy and love!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist