Its the end of a day of “work” and my heart is so full from doing what I love with amazing badass women.

How do you feel at the end of the work day?

You know you love your clients when you show up feeling crap and you leave feeling like you just got the best medicine ever!

“Calling out” of doing the work I do actually hurts my health because showing up increases my health. This was not the case in my past work life.

Is this how you feel with the work you do?

Having realtionships with my clients that we feel mutually supported and loved on this journey called life blows my mind!

In my past jobs it wasn’t good to get close to your employees and be friends because it could cause issues. This is why I have very few people from my 30 year career still in my life.

Do you have these kind of relationships with the work you do now?

Thats what you get to experience by being part of my Freedom Creator Mastermind community.

Its not just about getting shit done. . . Which we do!

Its about linking arms with other badass women like yourself and doing this journey together.

All of the journey.

The good the bad the ugly the sparkly, all of it!

If this sounds like something you yearn to have as part of your journey jump on in with us!!

If doing this thing called life solo is better for you that’s ok too! I thought it was the best for me for 40 years!

Now that I have experienced another way I know ill never do this journey alone ever again.

Im here, we are here, for you, when you are ready!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor

PS love you ladies and appreciate your love and support during this next phase of my journey!