Took some time today to enjoy the pool that happens to be in the back yard of our RV at this campground. (the RV you sse in the picture saying Road Warrior is ours)

I used to own a home (technically I’ve owned 4 homes in my past and sold all under the 3 year mark) with a pool in the back yard and we loved it!

What I didnt love was the maintenance and when things went wrong and it would bring on anxiety and money worries.

With this life style I get to enjoy it without dealing with maintenance or issues!

How I know I’m living the right life that I love right now is that even when we have things go wrong with the RV or vehicles and I dont get that anxiety or worry.

I just say ok lets get it fixed!

When we truly decide to live a life we love those default emotions arent as present as they used to be and truly become rewired into a new story of joy, fun and ease.

Are you there?
Living the freedom life you love?
Partially there?
On your way?

The biggest thing I know now is that we can decide in this very moment that we are there even without the external evidence.


Because it’s a Feeling.
How we feel creates our thoughts and our personal reality.

💲The money anxiety didnt change because I’m not spending money, it changed because how I feel about the experience the money is helping me live and create.💲

Feel into your life now the way you want your life to feel. . . And watch what happens!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist