Income over impact. . .

How many of you think this way?

Or does this sound more like you?

Impact over income. . . .

I had an amazing 20 minute clarity session with Susan Glusica and this was the biggest aha that came out of that call.

If you haven’t met her yet you need to! And you need to do this call with her! Rapid impact!

As women we tend to come from a place of service mindset which makes total sense right?

What this mindset and belief has created is a lack in our willingness to receive money!

Impact is so on the forefront that it has clouded our ability to receive money for the service we do.

Let me ask you this. . . When you want a product you see do you pay for it first then receive the value?

Or does the company give you the product for free and say enjoy and only pay us if you think its valuable?

We pay first and then experience the value. And yes sometimes the perceived value is different and not what you thought. And other times it exceeds the anticipated value by leaps and bounds.

This is why income over impact is a new belief I will be adopting and standing in with confidence!

The more income we make the more impact we can have!

How about you?

Can you stand in the belief of Income over Impact?

Tell me your thoughts below.

Much love
Jackie ❤️❤️❤️
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor


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